Squirrel Traps

Humane Squirrel Traps

See below for our range of squirrel cage traps to suit your pest requirements:

  • £28 +VAT


    The RUSTLER HORIZONTAL SQUIRREL TRAP is our standard squirrel trap. It is made of heavy duty guage mesh and is treadle operated with a drop door which has a locking bar which falls down once the trap is triggered to stop the squirrel escaping. As with all our self-locking traps the squirrel can be easily released if the trap is rotated 180 degrees and the drop door is pionted to the floor. This will open the drop door and locking bar mechanism for you.

    The Rustler horizontal squirrel trap is compact, measuring just 21cm x 13cm x 16cm. It is ideal for use in the domestic situation, house roofs, buildings and grain stores. Small enough to use in loft spaces, big enough to use in garden and woodland infestations. Bait with whole maize, bird food or peanuts for best results.

    The RUSTLER horizontal squirrel trap is now made in our new green powder coated wire mesh which makes it nicer to handle and disguises it in the environment.

    Our MUTI PURPOSE trap can also be used to catch squirrels if a larger size of cage trap is required. see Rustler Multi-Purpose Trap

  • £30 +VAT


    The RUSTLER VERTICAL SQUIRREL TRAP is a cunning trap designed to catch that awkward squirrel which is visiting the bird table but rarely goes on the ground. The trap is vertical and is 21cm tall x18cm x18cm wide at the base. It is designed to hang onto the bird table stand by its handle or it can be nailed on or tied with string around the post. It needs to be fixed securely so that it does not fall to the ground when it has captured the squirrel. To catch the squirrel bait such as bird food or nuts are placed in the feed tray at the bottom of the trap and the mechanism is set. As with all our squirrel traps there is a locking bar which falls down over the trap door to prevent the squirrel from escaping. To easily empty the trap, rotate the trap through 180 degrees and turn upside down this will allow the locking bar to fall away from the trap door and let the trap door open.

    The RUSTLER VERTICAL SQUIRREL TRAP can also be hung on the side of fences around gardens or onto the side of trees.