Rabbit Traps

Rabbit Traps by Rustler Traps

See below for our range of rabbit cage traps to suit your pest requirements:

  • £17 +VAT


    The RUSTLER CAGE RABBIT TRAP is a tried and tested single entry, treadle-operated, drop door, baited trap. It was the first trap we started making 25 years ago. It works equally well when protecting farm crops, horticulture, forestry, domestic and amenity sites. For control in gardens and small spaces, one or two traps are enough to quickly capture visiting rabbits. Bait with a strong trail of sliced carrots, cabbage leaves,vegetable or potato peelings leading into the trap with a good sized handful at the treadle end of the trap. Remember the bait needs to be more tempting than the surrounding vegetation.

    Dimensions of a single rabbit cage are: 77cm x 23cm x 23cm
    Postage for a single rabbit trap is £8.00 Postage for two rabbit traps are £11.00 Postage for three rabbit traps are £13.00 For orders of 5 or more rabbit traps the postal cost is £30.00 for a single pallet delivery anywhere in the UK.

    For catching and controlling rabbits which may be destroying arable/horticultural crops the pest numbers will be alot higher. We recommend these traps are used in groups of 10 and are spaced about 10 - 15 paces apart. It is more effective to concentrate the traps in one area, say down a wood side, and heavily bait/ trap that site for a week or two before moving onto another spot. Place the traps parallel along the wood or grass field side in the grazed area of the crop usually before the first tramline. Bait the traps heavily with sliced carrots, cabbage leaves, pealings or sugar beet slices. Check the traps daily, remove any captured rabbits and rebait the traps. 4 - 8 rabbits should be caught most days and by the end of two weeks you will have begun to make a hole in the local rabbit population. Our highest reported catch is 2000 rabbits using 20 traps over the period of one year.

    Our RABBIT TRAPS are now made with a new green powder coated wire mesh which makes them nicer to handle and also makes them less visible in the environment. Our Multi-Purpose Trap is also suitable for catching rabbits as well as other species.

    Because these traps are humane, non-target species such as pheasants and hedgehogs can be released unharmed. Because the rabbit carcassess are undamaged many estate game keepers have been able to sell them for a premium to local restuarants or butchers.

    Famous places we have supplied include The Sandringham Estate Norfolk.

  • £190 +VAT


    Drop box Traps are a well established method of catching large quantities of rabbits in re-occuring problem areas. They were a very popular trap during the war years as the rabbits were caught undamaged and the meat and pelts were of high value. 

    The RUSTLER RABBIT DROP BOX is a large capacity drop-box trap made of high grade marine ply with a mesh floor, trap door and a guide tunnel. The drop box measures 62cm x 60cm x 60cm and the tunnel measures 90cm x 20cm x 20cm. The box should be dung into the ground until the top is level with the ground. The tunnel should be left above ground so it acts as an escape route for the rabbits to use to get from one side of a wire fence to the other. The Rustler drop box can be used in connection with fence lines, walls or similar long, continual barriers, enclosing a rabbit population. Dig the trap in where rabbits have established a way through the barrier or position two or three boxes along a new run of rabbit fencing so that rabbits can be controlled as well as kept out. Best results are obtained when the box and tunnel are dug in under rabbit wire fencing with the fencing running at an slight angle across the tunnel from the top right hand corner of the tunnel to the bottom left hand corner of the tunnel. This then means as the rabbits run down the side of the wire fencing they are channelled into the tunnel and exit out on the other side of the fence. This quickly establishes a permanent track to the drop box and a route through the wire. We recommend the trap door mechanism in the drop box is locked up for the first few nights for the rabbits to get used to it as a exit through the fence before unlocking for a nights trapping.

    The boxes can be left permanently in the ground and locked or unlocked as the operator sees fit. We recommend you wear gloves when empting the box as other creatures will be inside the box after a nights trapping. Rustler drop boxes should be checked daily while they are unlocked and left locked when not in use.