Multi-Purpose Trap

A multi-purpose cage trap

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  • £25 +VAT


    The RUSTLER MULTI PURPOSE TRAP is designed to catch a range of pests. These include RABBIT, SQUIRREL, PHEASANT or Feral CAT. The cage measures 77cm x 23cm x 23cm. These traps also work well as a single trap to control or catch and relocate several different types of pest. The trap is of simple design with a strong U bar door lock which falls down to lock the trap door once the treadle is triggered. While the locking bar is across the fallen drop door it will not open to even the most agile animal. If you wish to release the animal, you can simply horizontally rotate the trap 180 degrees to release the locking bar and drop door and point to the ground. 

    Bait with whole carrots, cabbage, maize, bird food or peanuts depending on the pest you which to catch.

Did you know?

Our Multi-Purpose Trap is designed so an owner can catch a range of pest species. RABBIT, SQUIRREL, feral CAT and Pheasant can be caught with this trap depending on the type of bait used. The trap measures 23cm x 76cm x 23cm. It has a treadle activated drop back door and sprung locking bar which prevents the animal escaping. The trap is made in our new green powder coated wire mesh and has a carrying handle. This trap is larger than our standard squirrel trap and can be used to catch squirrels in an open environment such as woodland.