Crayfish Traps

Crayfish Traps by Rustler Traps

See below for our range of crayfish cage traps to suit your pest requirements:

  • £28 +VAT


    The RUSTLER MULTI CRAYFISH TRAP is designed for catching the American Signal crayfish which is an alien invader and is harmful to our native English crayfish. American Signal crayfish are generally larger than English and have blue colourings on the underside of their claws. If any English crayfish are accidently caught in the trap they should be immediately released.

    The RUSTLER MULTI CRAYFISH TRAP is made of high quality fine mesh. It measures 60cm x38cm x 27cm. The trap has an internal ramp which the crayfish crawl up to reach the bait box inside the trap. Bait the bait box with fish or a part opened small tin of tuna or fish cat food. In rivers do not open the tin lid too far as the water current will carry the food away. Place the trap fully submerged in a pond, lake or quiet eddy of a river and leave overnight. Check the trap daily. The trap will hold 6-8 crayfish.